John Kendall earns top GUE CCR instructor rating

John Kendall earns top GUE CCR instructor rating

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A spokesman for Global Underwater Explorers has confirmed on social media that John Kendall is now a GUE CCR 2 instructor.

John Kendall getting ready to dive the 'Mars the Magnificent' wreck in July 2018

For those unfamiliar with this training agency, the qualification is the highest GUE closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) rating, ie advanced Trimix.

This means that John Kendall is able to teach both GUE's CCR courses: CCR Diver Level 1 and CCR Diver Level 2. John now joins the nine other GUE instructors in the world, capable of teaching this course.

Currently there are only 10 GUE CCR2 instructors in the world. Global Underwater Explorers

John Kendall told X-Ray Mag, "As someone who is often found deep project diving, I like to be able to teach what I enjoy when fun diving. This qualification will now enable me to do this.

The Brit-based instructor has been teaching for GUE since 2006. He is now a Tech 2 and Cave 2 instructor and primary author and an Instructor Evaluator for both GUE's Gas Blender and Photogrammetry classes. He has been part of the writing team for the recently released new 'Fundamentals' book. John Kendall is a recreational Instructor Trainer, and sits on GUE's Training Council.

John Kendall advised "It is a very sensible idea that if you are going to learn advanced diving skills, that you get your education from someone who is regularly using these skills for their fun diving projects."