Dive Rite Azimuth reels

Dive Rite Azimuth reels

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Dive Rite’s Azimuth reels are made with a one-piece trapezoidal handle that provides a high-strength, corrosion-free frame and an ergonomic grip, with or without gloves. The innovative, angled, lock-down screw design is more ergonomic and streamlined than traditional solutions.

Dive Rite’s Azimuth reels are carefully crafted from acetal or stainless steel. The dimensions of the reel have been thoughtfully chosen for comfort and ease of use, combined with being low profile when clipped off and stowed.

The unique in-line clip slots on the handle orient the reel to sit closer to the body when clipped to a D-ring. This design also allows the included double-ender clip to swing out of the way and lay against the handle, negating the need to remove the clip for quick deployment.

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