Dive Rite Slide Lock 2 Reel

Dive Rite Slide Lock 2 Reel

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The Slide Lock 2 from Dive Rite combines the innovative features and tight tolerances found in the new Azimuth series of reels with the familiar single-handed operation characteristic of the reliable Slide Lock reel series.

Crafted from high-precision CNC-machined acetal and stainless-steel components, this reel mirrors the Azimuth's ergonomic, low-profile design. However, it preserves the distinctive “thumb flick” locking and unlocking mechanism from the original Slide Lock series.

Comes in a versatile 200ft (60m) size, which suits various applications such as cave primary or safety, wreck diving, and deploying lift bags and markers; as well as a 400ft (120m) size, for standard use as a primary cave reel, ideal for extended exploration of underwater environments. Stainless-steel double bolt snap included.

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