When is a pool not a pool? When it's 'Deep Dive Dubai'!

When is a pool not a pool? When it's 'Deep Dive Dubai'!

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News broke today - Wednesday 7 July 2021 - that the deepest pool in the world is opening later this year. At present, access to the waters at 'Deep Dive Dubai' is by invitation only.

Explore a stunning underwater attraction that is themed to resemble an abandoned sunken city

Underwater Attraction Park

It is clear that the team behind Deep Dive Dubai (DDD) instantly dismissed the standard sterile swimming pool setup. Instead, a surreal, intriguing sunken cityscape has been created, that engages divers sense of play, fun and fantasy. State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems have been fitted inside the pool to create different atmospheres, and the pool itself has been dressed and staged. Various brick walls are covered in graffiti, trees and vines grow up structures, and there is the opportunity to play pool in the pool, whilst being watched by a full-sized Star Wars Stormtrooper. Explore a little further and divers will find two underwater habitats at 6 m / 19.6 ft and 21 m / 68 ft, along with abandoned apartments, a library and a garage, complete with a vehicle. 

The Stats

It takes 14 million litres of 30°C / 86°F freshwater to fill the 60.02 m / 196 ft 10' deep pool. It is very clear that Deep Dive Dubai has set the bar high and redefined what an indoor dive destination can offer. 

This will be a useful tool for preparing divers for challenging open water and overhead diving conditions. Rosemary E Lunn

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Deep Dive Dubai allows thrill-seekers to dive inwards and discover a new underwater dimension filled with adventure and wonder.

“Deep Dive Dubai allows thrill-seekers to dive inwards and discover a new underwater dimension filled with adventure and wonder. We offer an unparalleled experience with year-round diving, in a safe environment, with outstanding instructors and services. This facility is an investment in Dubai’s growing sports culture and will add another world-class destination to Dubai’s thriving tourist attraction and adventure tourism sector.” Abdulla Bin Habtoor, Deep Dive Dubai


Deep Dive Dubai has not forgotten the non-diver. Diving will now become a spectator sport, because the pool can be viewed through vast glass windows, or via video feeds, because the pool is covered by 56 cameras. 

These cameras have a threefold purpose: safety, education and entertainment. Primarily the feed is watched at the dive control station by the dive supervisor, enabling them to help keep the diving safe because they can remotely monitor all areas inside the pool. The video feed is also shared on large monitors that are situated throughout facility. DDD can also edit video footage captured during a guest's dive, to be shared with them after they complete their visit.

Deep Dive Dubai states that they will be offering a variety of experiences covering all kinds of diving and training. From trydives through to recreational and technical. There will be freediving for qualified divers and rebreather diving. The facility even boasts an artificial cave diving training area.

Guinness Book of Records

It really shouldn't be a surprise that 'Deep Dive Dubai' is officially a record-breaking attraction. The United Arab Emirates city is known for its luxury shopping and ultramodern architecture. It's already home to the world's tallest skyscraper (the Burj Khalifa) and the world's largest (and aptly named) 'Dubai Mall'. Now Dubai is home to the deepest dive pool in the world too.

The depth claim isn't just marketing fluff, it is measured fact. On 27 June 2021, the Guinness Book of Records confirmed that Deep Dive Dubai (UAE) is "the deepest swimming pool for diving" at 60.02m / 196 ft 10 in.

Its nearest competitors include Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium (34.5 m/ 113 ft). This held the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world record from 1 May 2004 to 5 June 2014. The title then passed to Y-40 in Padua, Italy on 5 June 2014 (42.15 m / 138 ft). On 25 November 2020 Deepspot, near Warsaw, Poland gained the title (45m / 148ft). It was permitted to open despite Poland's strict COVID-19 rules. A potential competitor could be the Blue Abyss, but this British 50 mt / 164 ft facility is yet to break ground. 



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