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Cardiac issues have become a leading factor in diving fatalities
Cardiac issues have become a leading factor in diving fatalities

Older scuba divers at risk of heart attack

Cardiac issues have become a leading factor in diving fatalities, according to a study. Hence, older scuba divers have been advised to have regular fitness assessments with their doctors and cut down on factors that can increase one's risk of suffering a heart attack when diving.

Although it is mandatory to be screened for fitness and have one's dive skills certified prior to being issued a C-Card, such certification lasts a lifetime.

Lead author Vinisha Ranna, BDS, swims near underwater wreckage in Sri Lanka.

Nearly half of divers experience dental problems

Due to the constant jaw clenching and fluctuations in the atmospheric pressure underwater, divers may experience symptoms ranging from tooth, jaw and gum pain to loosened crowns and broken dental fillings. Recreational divers should consult their dentist before diving if they recently received dental care, said lead author Vinisha Ranna, BDS, a student in the UB School of Dental Medicine.

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Scuba divers can sometimes experience dental pain whilst diving

How Well Do You Look After Your Teeth?

Ms Ranna - a PADI and SSI certified Stress and Rescue Diver - is currently studying 'Advanced Education in General Dentistry' at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, North America.

“After speaking with the other divers, I was surprised to find that many of them had teeth problems in the course of their dives. As a diver I was relieved; as a dentist I was intrigued. I looked through dental research literature to find some information on this topic, but there were no studies that answered my questions.” Vinisha Ranna

Grotta Giusti

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