Dive Computers

Scubapro Galileo G2

The Galileo has now had a revamp with the launch of the G2. Certain key features introduced by In 2007, Scubapro released a ground-breaking new design with its Galileo dive computers - incorporating a heart rate monitor (via a separate chest belt) to increase the personalisation of decompression algorithms for different divers.

Suunto D4f Apnea Computer

The Finnish manufacturer launched their first freediving computer - the D3 - back in March 2003. Fourteen years on, they have unveiled their second freediving computer.

The D4f. This, like its ancestor, the D3, is specifically designed for apnea divers and water sports enthusiasts. The D4f takes its inspiration from the D4i model, however it it is not a decompression computer, nor does it have an air integration function.

Shearwater Research Petrel 2

Shearwater Research Petrel 2 Firmware Update

Some Petrel 2 models with analog PPO2 monitoring require a firmware update to correct offsets to voltage measurements of the O2 sensor channels. Only Petrel 2 models that shipped from the factory with v29 firmware and include analog PPO2 monitoring are affected.

Records exist of the proper calibration values, so the calibration can be loaded into affected units by matching the serial number to the recorded data. Shearwater Desktop software can apply these corrections.

Poseidon M28 dive computer, X-Ray Mag, Rosemary E Lunn
An M28 On A Divers Arm

Poseidon M28 Computer Update

"Due to changes in certification standards and changes in approvals of key electronics components that in turn have led to delays in the CE certification process, the expected delivery time for the first batch of M28 Computers will now be in August.

We sincerely apologize for this delay, however it is out of our hands and we are doing everything we can to keep things moving forward swiftly."

Shearwater Perdix

Why do I mention this odd ornithological fact? Actually it is not a random comment. The family name of owners of Shearwater Research is 'Partridge'. Shearwater Research decided to mark the start of the new year by launching their latest baby. A new dive computer, aptly called the 'Perdix'. (Love the thinking behind the name!)

Scubapro Mantis M1

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