New bottom timer from Heinrichs Weikamp

New bottom timer from Heinrichs Weikamp

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A robustly-made aluminium bottom timer with a bright display.

Heinrichs Weikamp bottom timer
Heinrichs Weikamp bottom timer. Photo courtesy of the manufacturer

The Heinrichs Weikamp bottom timer comes with super-sharp IPS-LCD, user-friendly operation and extended battery life (depending on the display brightness setting, which ranges up to 100h)—all housed in a tough aluminium case.

It has very large display of depth and dive time, as well as maximum and average depth. The display is rounded off with a stopwatch, with the average depth over the stopped time, as well as temperature and ascent/dive speed. It is easy to read even in poor visibility and complete darkness. Furthermore, the compact Heinrichs Weikamp bottom timer works well as a backup, for ratio deco, or mounted on a DPV.

The Heinrichs Weikamp bottom timer has been entirely developed and produced in Germany, after months of testing by technical divers from all over Europe. In addition, the unit comes at a very competitive price, exclusively ordered direct from Heinrichs Weikamp.