Apeks DSX

Apeks DSX

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The DSX technical dive computer from Apeks is loaded with cutting-edge features, the manufacturer writes, including sidemount and CCR mode, induction or cable charging and management of up to 6 gasses.

Air-integrated and suitable for use with up to 6 transmitters it can be used with up to six gasses and a sidemount mode with gas switch notification makes it ideal for sidemount diving.  It also has a CCR mode and is supplied with an oxygen analyser.  (note: no oxygen cell supplied, use R22 type cell).

The outer bezel is made from titanium to save weight and ensure maximum durability and the two options for

The DiverLog+ app, provides remote control of all the dive computer settings, dive log and profle data, and locations, notes and other details from your adventures can be added.

The computer comes supplied with two options elastic double straps with buckle release and bungee attachment.

Charging is done either with an induction charging system - an induction charging mat is supplied or by a traditional cable charge system for faster charging from the mains or portable power source when in remote locations. 



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