Scuba.Digital postponed to April 2022

Scuba.Digital postponed to April 2022

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Organisers of Scuba.Digital cite the ongoing pandemic and the uncertainty around DEMA as causes for not getting on board the hoped-for number of exhibitors or visitors

In an e-mail to participants of the upcoming event, the team of organisers write that they "have come across businesses that cannot even afford the very low prices that we are charging and that are choosing instead (rightly) to focus on supporting their staff through this difficult time.

"We also believe that this will pass and that most places will be much more open to diving in 2022, and they will need to focus on marketing their products be that equipment, travel or training."

Exhibitors and sponsors are offered to either stick with the event and apply offers and arrangements to the postponed event to be held in April 2022.  Or get a full refund on any fees already paid.

Over the next few months, the organisers will be planning how to entice more exhibitors and visitors and we are open to any ideas that you may have.  They will also be putting on more Demo events so that you can come along and chat with them in person and check out your booths and the new appointments system,

Here is looking forward to Scuba.Digital 2022!