Holoswim 2

Holoswim 2

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Diving into swimming performance tracking, the Holoswim Smart Swim Goggles 2 offers a high-tech solution for keeping tabs on your metrics while exercising. 

Whether in a public pool or open water, these goggles feature a real-time near-eye display that keeps you focused on your swim. From stroke count to calories burned, they track essential data such as swimming distance, pace, laps, performance by laps, rest time, and SWOLF score. 

Additionally, they boast precise swimming style recognition for freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke. With state-of-the-art anti-fog technology ensuring visual clarity underwater, these goggles come with no annual or monthly subscription fees, providing a lifetime of free usage.

By connecting to a compatible Garmin watch the wearer can view real-time swim metrics in the goggles such as heart rate, swim time, distance and more.

Holoswim goggles have undergone rigorous tests, including anti-corrosion tests against chlorine to ensure their long-term durability. Swimmers with nearsightedness of less than -6.0 diopters are still able to achieve a clear vision of the swim metrics through the display inside the goggles.


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