DynamicNord BCD SBC-20

DynamicNord BCD SBC-20

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The German brand DynamicNord has launched a new BCDthe SBC-20.

The new ADV BCD SBC-20 by DynamicNord is made from abrasion-resistant 1000 Denier Cordura, which ensures long durability. The BCD features an expansive bladder capable of supporting significant weight, while its broad waist strap offers a snug and comfortable fit. In addition, its non-slip texture ensures a firm hold on the tank, enhancing safety and stability underwater.

Incorporated seamlessly into the design are slender overpressure and rapid-release valves. Complete with a high-performance inflator, dual pockets, and six hard anodized aluminium D-rings, the SBC-20 comes in an appealing choice of three colours: Black-Blue, Black-Red, and Black-Wintersky.

The new SBC-20 BCD is now available at DynamicNord dealers and in its online store. 

RRP: 399 € 
Sizes: Unisex XS-2XL 
Weight: 3.3 kg in XS to 3.85 kg in 2XL 
Lift capacity: 90 Newton/20 lbs in XS to 220 Newton/49 lbs in 2XL