Diving Talks 2024

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Diving Talks 2024

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Introducing Diving Talks 2024, where the diving community comes together to share, inspire, and connect.

Whether you are a diving professional looking to expand your network, an enthusiast seeking to deepen your knowledge, or an industry leader wanting to stay updated on the latest trends, Diving Talks promises to be an event that will leave a lasting impact.

Picture this

Renowned speakers, interactive panel discussions, and hands-on workshops that will blow your mind! We're talking about everything from marine conservation to mind-blowing underwater photography and technical diving!

Diving Talks 2024 is also your chance to make waves in the diving community and network. Rub shoulders with fellow diving fanatics, connect with industry pros, and maybe even find your diving soulmate. Who knows, you might end up teaming up for the most epic underwater adventure ever!

We've also got interactive workshops and hands-on activities that will make your fins flip! You'll learn new skills, master techniques, and enhance your diving abilities and broaden your understanding of different diving topics. Plus, we've got tasty treats to fuel your diving spirit throughout the day. You won't go hungry, we promise!

Where it is happening

We're hosting this event at the Cordoaria Nacional, a monumental testament to Lisbon’s rich maritime history. This building was initially designed to serve as a rope-making facility for the Portuguese navy. But today it has transformed into a vibrant cultural hub in Lisbon.

The Cordoaria Nacional not only preserves a crucial piece of Portugal’s maritime heritage but also serves as a beacon of cultural and artistic expression, welcoming visitors from around the globe to explore its rich history and contemporary significance.

So mark your calendar for 18 to 20 October and get ready to make waves at Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon, Portugal.

This is your chance to level up your diving game, gain valuable insights, and have a blast!

Feeling uncertain? Dive into the last edition's wrap-up video and experience the regret of missing out. However, this year presents a new opportunity to be part of it.