Dive Safari: Cruising Indonesia on Gaia Love

The Gaia Love liveaboard offers a distinctive diving experience in Indonesia, blending luxury with the thrill of underwater exploration. Renowned for its exceptional service and attention to detail, this liveaboard is not just about comfort; it is a gateway to some of the most spectacular diving adventures in the world.

Gaia Love liveaboard takes divers to the best dive sites in Indonesia.

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Hull construction: Steel
Length: 40m. Width: 10m. Height: 6m.
Engines: 2 main engines
Power: 839 HP each
Cabins: 10
Guests: 20 max.
Cabin size: 20m² to 200m²
Saloon: 90m²
Diving deck: 55m²
Sun deck: 150m² (56m² is covered)
Massage deck: 31m²
Camera room: 20m²
Crew: 22

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The luxury tour begins with the crew picking you up at the airport; thereafter, you don’t have to worry about a thing—you can just relax and enjoy the trip to the fullest. It is a diving holiday of pure pampering. The only thing you need to do yourself is dive! 

Gaia Love takes divers to the best dive sites
Gaia Love takes divers to the best dive sites. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

This modern liveaboard boat offers everything a guest might want. There are spacious cabins with balconies on the upper deck, portholes on the lower deck, and each cabin has a spacious shower. The beds are large and comfortable, with a choice of double or single beds. There is a lot of storage space in the bright and welcoming cabins. 

Cabin with double bed and sea view
Cabin with double bed and sea view. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

Liveaboard design

Cabin shower
Each cabin has a roomy shower. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

The high-level concept of the liveaboard is well thought out, attracting a growing number of international guests. In fact, one of the ship’s owners learnt to dive with the specific intention of incorporating his experience as a diver into the design and equipment of the ship, adapting it to the needs of diving guests. You will notice this attention to detail in all areas of the Gaia Love.

The boat is constructed out of steel. So, in contrast to the usual wooden sailing ships that frequently sail in Indonesia, the Gaia Love sails very smoothly in the water—which is ideal for guests who easily get seasick! One almost does not notice the movement of the ship, which is a big advantage.

Lounge deck
Covered lounge deck and open air bean bags. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert. 

The concept of the Gaia Love—one of the most modern ships in Indonesia—is that it has been designed for sustainability in general. All packaging that is taken on board is taken to the next port for disposal. In the showers, there are receptables containing biodegradable shower gel and shampoo that do not harm the reefs. During the dives, the guides take care not to damage the reefs.

Dining room
Dining room and lounge area with library. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.


Galley where the chef prepares delicious dishes of various cuisines. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

In the galley, all dishes are freshly prepared by the chef and his team. It is a varied cuisine, a mix of European, American and Indonesian dishes, served three times a day by the expert staff in the saloon. There is no buffet, but the delicious three-course meals are served on a plate at your seat. This has the great benefit of a lovely atmosphere in the saloon, with no crowds to disrupt your meal.

Everything is freshly prepared. Appropriate meals are served for vegetarians and vegans. Food allergies are also taken into account on an individual basis and cooked separately. Snacks and cold drinks are available at any time, and guests can prepare their own hot tea in the tea corner. A variety of coffees are also available around the clock, as are alcoholic drinks.

Camera room
Camera room has individual stations for each guest to store, prepare and recharge camera gear. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

Camera room

For underwater photographers, there is a dedicated air-conditioned camera room with power outlets where everyone can assemble and charge their equipment. This room also has enough storage space for all camera gear. For safety reasons, all batteries can be charged there, as staff are always nearby.


The tour offers three to four dives daily. For this purpose, every guest has their own assigned spot on the diving deck, where dive equipment is placed. Guests each have their own water basin to rinse out their cameras. There is a shelf above for personal items. After each dive, a fresh towel is available, and a hot cup of tea is served. Suits and equipment are rinsed and dried.

Diving deck
Diving deck with individual stations for each guest to store, don and ready dive gear. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

When the Gaia Love is anchored near the dive site, the guides and tour managers motor out to the dive site in a skiff to check the water temperature, currents and visibility. After the dive briefing, small groups of divers will board the three skiffs and go with a dive guide to the dive site. Before departing, the crew would have already placed the guests’ dive equipment and cameras onto the skiffs, so you do not need to carry anything yourself. The crew will do it all.

Diving deck with skiffs
Behind the diving deck at the stern of the liveaboard are the skiffs that take divers to the dive sites each day. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

The skippers are experienced pilots, and the crew helps everyone get into their dive gear. When everyone is ready, divers roll backwards into the water on the count of three. The dive guide is always there. All the guides are well trained, and, for each guest, they point out the marine species in their hiding places on the reef—from the tiny pygmy seahorse to the wobbegong shark. 

The dive guides know the dive sites well and lead divers to the most beautiful spots. At the end of the dive, they deploy a signal buoy and ensure a safe ascent. The skiffs then come to collect the divers back at the surface. Even during the dives, the skippers of the skiffs are always nearby and keep an eye out to ensure that everything goes safely.

Air tanks and rentals

If you do not want to transport your own equipment on your flight to Indonesia, you can also rent everything on the Gaia Love. Nitrox is also available upon request.

Plenty of space to relax on cushions and take in the scenery
Plenty of space on deck to relax on cushions and take in the beautiful scenery. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.


The tour managers do a great job of organising everything that is needed. All guests are picked up at the airport and brought back for their return flights when the liveaboard trip is over. Staff will check to see if flights have been postponed, and the information is relayed to guests immediately, so appropriate measures can be taken. 

The itinerary and dive sites are coordinated, with the best dive sites chosen. There is always a crew member on hand to offer advice and assistance. All information about the trip will be passed on to guests at the daily briefings. If there is anything defective in the equipment, it will be repaired—which means the “all-round, worry-free” package is included.

There is so much work going on in the background that guests do not notice. Everything is done to pamper and satisfy the guests. Sometimes, it is just small details, like lovingly folding napkins on the tables or turning down the bedsheets in the evening—little things that show that the entire team works together perfectly, and every step is done to perfection.

Couches in the lounge with library
Comfy couches in the lounge with library of dive books, species identification guides and novels to pass the time between dives. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

Between dives

The well-being of the guests is always and everywhere the priority. Relaxing massages are offered, which everyone enjoys. Between dives, literature is available in the saloon, including books about the underwater world, dive sites in Indonesia, and species identification. But there is also a range of novels and other books to enjoy. 

The upper deck offers lounge chairs, bean bags, benches and comfortable chairs in both the sun and shade. From the deck, the view of the sea and coast is always an experience, especially at sunset, which bathes the Indonesian sky in the most spectacular colours.

Sunset with Gaia Love
On deck, one can enjoy spectacular sunsets and vistas. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

Cruise routes

The Gaia Love cruises all over Indonesia, to the most beautiful dive sites, including Raja Ampat, Triton Bay, Banda Sea, Forgotten Islands, Komodo, Maumere, Alor, Sunda Sea and the Ring of Fire. All tours can be booked directly online. There is a schedule with all the liveaboard’s tours in Indonesia on the Gaia Love website.

Sunset on deck
Sunset on deck. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert.

Getting there

Relevant flights can be booked online, but if that is too complicated, you can seek advice from a travel agency and book the flights from there. If you are coming from Europe or the United States, a stopover in Singapore or Jakarta is recommended. Jakarta is the hub for all flights within Indonesia anyway. From there, various Indonesian airlines have flights to every island in the country. The Gaia Love sales management staff will also provide help and information about booking flights and how to get there.

The long journey is definitely worth it. Indonesia lies in the middle of the so-called Coral Triangle, which has some of the warmest waters and most colourful reefs in the world. As wonderful as the underwater world is in this region, you should also plan some time on land to explore the nature and topside attractions—there is so much to discover in wild Indonesia! ■

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Claudia Weber-Gebert is an advanced diver, underwater photographer and dive writer based in Germany. Her latest book, Maare, Quellen, Wasserfälle: Die faszinierende Unterwasserwelt der Vulkaneifel (Maars, Springs, Waterfalls: The Fascinating Underwater World of the Volcanic Eifel), is available at For more information, please visit:


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