Annual Cozumel Scuba Festival takes place June 20-25

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Annual Cozumel Scuba Festival takes place June 20-25

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 11:07
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Keynote presentation by Dr. Sylvia Earle.
Daily dive tours explore Cozumel routes designed by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Mexico’s Fifth Annual Cozumel Scuba Festival takes place June 20-25, 2017 and every June thereafter (rather than December).

World-class divers, oceanographers, explorers, photographers and conservationists, together with aficionados of all levels, gather in Cozumel for this world-class event comprising privileged undersea adventures and on-land conferences, exhibits and festivities.

Daily morning dives and one night dive will explore the island’s favorite dive sites of the late Jacques Cousteau, and of his son John-Michel Cousteau who has designed routes especially for the ScubaFest covering nine different reef sites. For decades, members of the Cousteau family have been avid devotees of the Island’s magnificent and singular undersea sites. (They form part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second largest coral reef system in the world.)

Among the conferences, the keynote presentation of celebrated oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle is devoted to the exploration and health of the ocean, entitled “Protection of the Oceans and Diving in Mexico”.

Just offshore at the MUSUBO, Museo Subacuático del Buzo de Oro (Underwater Museum of the Golden Diver) Dr. Earle will revisit the bronze bust sculpture of her immersed during the last ScubaFest. Other bronze busts of Ramon Bravo and of Jacques Cousteau were also permanently placed here during ceremonies at previous ScubaFests.

Also in the MUSUBO, unveiled last year, is an abstract sculpture entitled “Zoe” created by Colleen Flanigan. This stunning six-foot matrix is electrified with low-volt DC current that generates and accelerates growth of a coral reef, spontaneously and robustly inhabited by sea life. It becomes a “living ecosystem work of art”.

Ms. Flanigan will present a ScubaFest conference, “Living Sea Sculpture, a Story of Coral Regeneration”.

Yet another highlight among the scheduled conferences is “How We´re growing Baby Corals to Rebuilt Reefs¨ by Curaçao-based marine biologist Kristen Marhaver.

An annual highpoint, The Gala Awards Dinner celebrates recognitions of “The Golden Diver” (El Buzo de Oro) honoring men and women devoted to preserving the beauty and health of coral reefs and undersea life the world over, and whose myriad projects provide a legacy for future generations.

Celebrated recipients of the 2017 Golden Diver awards will include: Francisco Pizarro, founder of the International Underwater Film Festival of San Sebastian, Spain. He is an enduring admirer of great Mexican divers, Manuel Lazcano and beloved diver-oceanographer-photographer, the late Ramón Bravo. Pizarro has always adored Mexico, and this will be his first visit! Mauricio Hoyos from La Paz, shark expert and devotee (he will present a conference on White Sharks during the ScubaFest program); Roberto Marx, legendary pioneer of diving in Cozumel; Francisco Uribe accomplished diver from Veracruz; and Germán Yáñez, cave diver-explorer who will also present a conference in the program.

Most conferences and seminars will take place at the modern Cozumel Convention Center where there will also be a ScubaFest EXPO with several trade and consumer stands in a separate area open throughout most of each day. Representatives will be exhibiting, demonstrating, promoting and some selling the latest in dive products, related medical advancements, photographic and scuba equipment, travel, etc.

Participating in the Festival and serving the participants, Cozumel’s top caliber dive facilities as well as a range of outstanding hotels and resorts are described on

Convenient airlines include Interjet which flies nonstop from Mexico City to Cozumel’s International Airport (CZM) with online connections from USA, Central and South America, as well as international codeshare connections via Mexico City. Additionally, worldwide flights to Cancun (CUN) can connect to Mayair for a scenic 15-minute flight to Cozumel.

COST: $600 USD includes:

  • Mexican Caribbean Cozumel DIVE ROUTES designed by Jean-Michel Cousteau:
  • 8 day dives plus 1 night dive. Select one of our affiliate Dive Centers with fully-equipped boats, dive gear, professional guides and expert staff:
  • Your personalized official dive logbook
  • Conferences, workshops, and trade exhibits during the entire Festival
  • 3 networking cocktail receptions > Golden Diver Award Gala Dinner
  • ScubaFest T-shirt

PLUS ACCOMMODATION: Participating Cozumel hotels offer 5-night packages (some with meal plans) ranging from $265 USD to $1705 USD