Jobs Where You Can Travel the World and Dive

For those who enjoy the thrill of traveling to new locations to dive, the problem of getting time off from work can be a formidable foe. While there may be some destinations that work well for a weekend getaway, for most, an enjoyable diving trip will require more time to adequately travel the necessary distances.

Thankfully, if one plays their cards right, work can not only allow one the freedom to travel and dive but can actually be conducive to it. For die-hard divers, having an idea of which careers allow one to travel the world and dive can be incredibly useful and possibly even life-changing.

Here are some of the best jobs that allow one to travel the world and dive.

Travel Nurse

When one thinks of jobs that feature frequent traveling, professions such as travel writer and international businessman probably are some of the first to come to mind. However, a less obvious, though equally effective in terms of being able to travel frequently, option is the profession of travel nursing. While, like most other careers, there are pros and cons to being a travel nurse, for those looking to travel it may be the perfect opportunity.

For those unfamiliar with the field, it’s natural to wonder how travel nursing works. In essence, travel nurses are registered nurses who don’t work in one single location. Rather they move from medical facility to medical facility based on demand to work for certain periods of time when these facilities need extra help. While this type of work may be difficult for those with responsibilities that keep them tied down, for those intent on consistently traveling to dive, this could be a perfect solution to balance work and diving.

While travel nursing does allow consistent travel, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every location will offer one the chance to dive. It’s important to note that the types of locations that a travel nurse works in can vary greatly and while some may offer great diving opportunities, others may not.

This being said, travel nurses make a great salary which can offer one the ability to travel without having to worry about fitting these excursions into a work schedule. As such, this is a great career for those who want the flexibility to travel for diving while also making a good living.

Humanitarian Aid Work

For those divers interested in both international travel and helping others, humanitarian aid work may be the perfect calling. Though humanitarian aid work can take many different forms, it typically consists of working with an organization that aims to improve people’s lives and reduce their suffering. Examples include helping people whose homes have been decimated by natural disasters such as earthquakes or those living in areas with a lack of access to adequate food and water sources.

While being a humanitarian aid worker will allow one to both travel and help others, it must be noted that this profession can put one into some extremely trying and stressful situations. This includes having to live and work in inhospitable conditions along with having to witness some incredibly difficult and sad situations. Though this is the case, it still allows one to work a fulfilling job while having the opportunity to travel internationally.

For divers’ intent on making the most out of their career-related travels, it’s possible to look for humanitarian aid positions in destinations with great diving spots. This way, one is guaranteed to have access to great diving in their free time outside of work.

On the other hand, if one is more open to taking chances and traveling to various locations, finding established humanitarian organizations to work for, such as The American Red Cross and Amnesty International, can be an exciting and fulfilling way to travel the world while also making a living.

Marine Biologist

For many divers, the field of marine biology is a fascinating one that allows them to immerse themselves in a field they find exciting. For those who love the idea of being immersed in ocean-related activities, the field of marine biology can be fulfilling and stimulating.

In addition, for divers’ intent on traveling to areas where they can find great diving, marine biology is the perfect field to take one to some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Not to mention, one may be getting paid to go diving for a living.

Marine biology is the scientific study of marine life. This includes all of the organisms living in the sea such as microorganisms and other forms of life in the ocean. As a marine biologist, one has the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the oceans they dive through conducting studies on various ocean-related topics. For most divers, this is a career that will keep one excited to get out of bed and go to work every day.

While many aspects of a marine biologist’s work are done indoors, there are instances where marine biologists have the opportunity to scuba dive in order to conduct research. For diving enthusiasts looking for a career that is conducive to diving, this may be as good as it gets. The one caveat for this line of work is the amount of schooling it takes to become qualified for this role.

Typically, marine biologists hold advanced degrees that take years to obtain. Though this may seem like a barrier, for those intent on living a life in which their career doesn’t interfere with their diving, this may be a small price to pay.


For divers with a scientific mind that are interested in traveling and studying the earth, a career as a geologist may be the perfect fit. Geologists study the history and nature of the earth by taking samples of various materials, such as soil and rocks, and analyzing what they find. Oftentimes, geologists travel widely to conduct studies, making it a great career for divers who are looking for a job that allows them to see new places.

While geologists do travel frequently, they may not always travel to locations near the ocean. For divers who are only interested in traveling for the purposes of diving, this may not be the career for them. However, those who pursue a career as a marine geologist will have many more opportunities to explore marine landscapes than their other geologist counterparts. As such, marine geologist is an amazing role that can take divers to various marine landscapes all over the world.

Though marine geology is a great field to explore for diving enthusiasts, there are many other fields of geology that one can explore that also allow the opportunity for travel. As such, one can pursue the specialization that piques their interest the most, allowing one to find a stimulating role that doesn’t grow boring or tiresome over time.

Careers Don’t Have to Get in the Way of Diving

There is a multitude of careers out there that can allow one to have the opportunity to dive in new places on a regular basis. Pursuing these careers can transform one’s work life from one that gets in the way of one’s hobby to one that actually encourages it. While taking the leap and pursuing a new field can be daunting, understanding the fulfillment that comes from doing a job that allows one to pursue their passion can make the process easier and less scary.

If one is willing to put in the effort and make the switch, there’s nothing stopping them from working a job that allows them to travel the world and dive.