Pros Choose DAN Liability Insurance

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Pros Choose DAN Liability Insurance

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If you’re a dive operator or dive professional, it may be time to renew your annual liability insurance coverage.


About DAN: The world’s most recognized and respected dive safety organization, Divers Alert Network (DAN), has remained committed to the health and well-being of divers for more than 40 years. The organization’s research, medical services, and global-response programs create an extensive network that supports divers with vital services such as injury prevention, educational programs, and lifesaving evacuations. Every year, hundreds of thousands of divers around the world look to DAN as their dive safety organization. Join the DAN community or learn more at DAN RRG, Inc. and DAN World Insurance Group SP are wholly owned DAN captive insurance companies.

DAN has made it easier than ever to purchase a policy — get an instant quote today at

When you choose DAN RRG or DAN World Insurance Group SP, you get more than just an insurance company.

Having reinvested over $100 million in dive safety programs, DAN stands alone as the only liability insurance carriers that reinvest proceeds in dive safety programs for the benefit of divers everywhere.

DAN is committed to your well-being. We have in-house medical, legal, and risk mitigation teams, and we have a dedicated incident response team of attorneys and investigators who are ready to work for you.

DAN liability insurance is recognized by all major dive training agencies and is available to residents of all 50 U.S. states. Just as DAN’s 24/7 emergency hotline has been a lifeline for tens of thousands of divers.

The DAN liability team will be there for you when you need us. Learn more with this short informational video.

DAN RRG offers professional, group professional, and general liability coverage in the U.S., and we work hard to ensure the program is accessible, reliable, and personalized to suit your needs.

Customize your policy with optional endorsements such as excess liability coverage, add additional insureds easily, renew up to 60 days early, and make changes right in your account online. Plus, DAN members get preferred pricing.

Outside the U.S., DAN World Insurance Group SP offers individual and group professional liability insurance in select locations.

Get your liability coverage from an organization that’s run by divers for divers.

Learn more about why pros choose DAN liability insurance from this testimonial video, or contact us at or +1-919-684-2948.