Anemone City

A closeup of the Red Sea anemonefish Amphiprion bicinctus in an anemone city anemone Heteractis magnifica

Clownfish sea anemones usually live solitary lives. On many coral reefs there will normally be only one individual for each 50 to 100 meters, perhaps 10 to 20 meters of reef. But occasionally groups of up to several hundreds of clownfish sea anemones are found together within a small area in an assemblage we call anemone cities.

The Quest for Yolanda

As he descended, Leigh could see that this was a better drop than the previous one and descended straight into 130m of water. After getting his bearings, he swam down and along the reef at a depth of 160m. Slowly, the wreck came into view and he was able to settle on the wreckage and take a good look around.

I was on a deco stop in the cold waters of the national dive centre in the UK when my thoughts turned to diving the warmer waters of the Red Sea and particularly the wreck of the Yolanda, or should I say, to the question of where the wreck of the Yolanda came to rest.

Mysteries of Egypt

Ballon drifts over the Nile valley

The sun was just greeting the day as I hurried to the top deck of our cruise boat with a steaming hot cup of coffee in one hand and a camera in the other. I was alone, enjoying the splender of another Egyptian morning. Wispy veils of fog danced across the Nile’s glassy surface, slowly dissipating as the sun’s rays enveloped the distant mountains and countryside.