Egyptian Ahmed Gabr dives to a record 332.35 meters

Egyptian Ahmed Gabr dives to a record 332.35 meters

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Ahmed Gamal Gabr, 42, has set the world scuba diving depth record, submerging to 332.35 meters off the Red Sea resort of Dahab on Thursday. Ahmed Gabr, a retired military officer, said he felt "unbelievable" when he emerged from the Red Sea. Gabr was met by a Guinness World Records representative who handed him a certificate for the world’s deepest male scuba dive.

It only took Gabr 12 minutes to reach the record-breaking depth, originally planned to be 350 meters.

Gabr utilized more than 60 different diving tanks and multiple gases simply to keep himself alive on the trek back to the surface.

A team of hyperbaric doctors developed custom-made decompression tables to help Gabr back on his feet upon completion of his record-breaking endeavour.

I travelled with nine tanks and decompressed for 14 hours," he told NBC News. Deep sea divers risk drowning, equipment malfunction or decompression sickness.

But there were magical moments for the former member of Egypt’s special forces: "A baby white tip oceanic shark hung out with me for six hours," he said.


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