SUEX Goldfinder XJ

SUEX Goldfinder XJ

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The Suex Golderfinder XK is a top choice for technical diving, boasting long-range capabilities and a Li-ION battery for extended dive times.

Suex is an Italian company founded in 1999 with the intention of creating the best underwater scooters.Over the years it has become known for introducing into the market DPVs that are constantly more technical and innovative, always striving to be one step ahead of its customers' expectations.The new product of 2024 is called "Goldfinder" a cutting-edge Dpv in which all elements work in synergy to provide the best possible performance. At its core is indeed the Nautilus Concept, an innovative sailing experience  created through research and develomenets.This system will give your DPV speed, thrust and autonomy never seen before. According to Suex.

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