Sue Duda

Blending her love of the sea and its cherished creatures with the ancient art of Batik, a die and wax technique on silk, Sue Dudas has created an ocean of art work to delight the most hardy sea lover.

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Sue Duda received her education in art at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the U.S. where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art in 1976. She spent the next 22 years working as a studio potter. Experiences in scuba diving and snorkeling led Duda to incorporate the ocean’s wonderous colors and intricate patterns on silk, using the wax-resist method of batik.

On silk, vibrant colors harmoniously blend creating bright, eye-catching designs. Duda says that foregrounds of the batik paintings are uniquely enhanced by the crackled backgrounds. The textural effect emulates the look of sunrays streaming through water, which enhances the allure of Duda’s underwater pieces.

Through her batik work, Duda hopes to share her love for the rich environment of the underwater world, its color and life. By drawing attention to the ocean with her images, she wants to positively influence human-kind’s awareness of the ocean’s fragile ecosystem. Bringing the splendors of the underwater world to the surface, Duda creates cheerful art for others to enjoy and ocean art enthusiasts can enjoy building distinctive collections.

Duda recommends framing your original batiks on silk between two layers of glass in order to allow light to pass through the batik. It creates a spectacular conversation piece when placed near a window in your home, office or on your yacht. Originals can also be framed in conventional styles as well.

The artist has won several local and regional awards for her art work. Several of her pieces have been published by Sundance Graphics and Ocean Arts Gallery. Duda focuses on sea life but also creates freshwater fish, nature, and music batiks.

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