Ocean Reef Neptune III Full Face Mask

Ocean Reef Neptune III Full Face Mask

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Discover the most advanced Full Face Mask ever from OCEAN REEF.

The Ocean Reef Neptune III Full Face Mask was completely designed and engineered from the ground up to include a new EN250 certified, vertical, balanced and smooth breathing regulator that is completely concealed within the mask. The visor also has a new shape and increased field of vision. The new orinasal pocket is more anatomically designed and along with the new visor provides minimal dead air space & minimal internal volume.

The Neptune III is 13% less buoyant than Neptune Space, offers an internal volume 24% smaller than competition and is a whooping 47% less buoyant than the other FFMs on the market.

A Dive-PreDive lever was added for peace of mind and full control over your 2nd stage to prevent a free flowing regulator.

The new 2nd stage has been designed to be fully integrated, making it the smallest profile second stage of any Full Face Mask. It’s not bulky on your chin; it has no exhaling bubbles in your line-of-sight and does not get stuck while moving your head left and right. Also, it is now fully and easily detachable (level 1 training required) for quick servicing, easy swapping.

A newly designed surface air valve includes an improved grasping surface and an internal valve that keeps the mask from fogging when not connected to a cylinder and stops water from entering if you forget to close the valve when submerging your head.

The new Quick Release System includes a doffing handle that can be mounted between the 2 tabs under the chin, allowing the mask to comfortably be removed with one hand.

The regulator cover as well as the exhalation and purge button are molded out of specific impact absorbing materials. Whilst still sexy, you can be sure this mask is built for a demanding environment.

The Neptune III comes inside a backpack specifically designed for OCEAN REEF Scuba divers in mind and comes in black or white. Designed by divers, for divers.

Neptune III will be sold in 3 different “set” configurations: 

  1. IDM only
  2. System (IDM+standard hose+first stage)
  3. Package (IDM+standard hose+QC hose+QC Octo+first stage+pressure gauge+BUMP)

Evolved Innovation. Badass Design.

Now available in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia)

Please visit for more information.

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