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Introducing AV Underwater Technologies' Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather BRIZ

A new rebreather from the Russian based AV Underwater Technologies. Here is what they have to say about their new product.

The BRIZ rebreather is designed for use in challenging expedition conditions.

Its main advantages are as follows:

  • low profile (only 14cm) with a back mount design.

This allows you to pass most of the bottlenecks in over-the-head environments. As the practice of many expeditions has shown, most of the Sidemount restrictions, especially those that are not very wide, are perfectly traversed with Briz.

  • Maximum safety and reliability.

For complex operating and transport conditions in over-the-head environments. The hard, durable housing perfectly protects all elements from shock and damage. Duplicate seals are on all significant connections. The special design of the canister and the sensor compartment prevents the possibility of leakage of these important elements.

  • The utmost complete and versatile configuration in the basic version.

ADV, temp-stick, manual gas supply panel with a possibility of connecting external cylinders, the new AV1eCCR-M controller with a smart independent HUD-Sm, the possibility of further CO2 sensor connection. The volume of the canister is 3 kg. Back-mounted breathing bags, the possibility of attaching 2-10L cylinders with lower and upper valves.

  • Simple and convenient design.

Easy access to all the elements: batteries, sensors, scrubber, cylinders - without any additional disassembly of equipment, no additional tools required.

Briz has been tested in many Southern and Northern seas, cave systems and deep wrecks at depths down to 150m and water temperatures from 0C to +30C. More than 100 devices are being actively used by Emergency divers (EMERCOM).

Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather for diving down to 100 meters.
Measurements (without tanks): 650 x 220 x 130 mm.
Absorbent weight: 3 kg.
Estimated working time: up to 4 hours.
Weight (without absorbent tanks): 18 kg.

Please visit for more information.

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