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Cressi Quantum

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Cressi states that their scuba / freediving ‘Quantum’ mask has been designed to stop fogging.

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When you exhale, warm air from your nose invariably ends up making contact with your mask lens at some point. It can cause fogging. Cressi has therefore designed a patented barrier system that surrounds the inner nose pocket, and both the inner eye pockets. This traps any moisture that involuntarily escapes from the diver’s nose, and channels it away.

The Italian manufacturer has also added two external heat sinks to the mask. These comprise of four thin fins, and they are located above the eyebrow areas. Cressi states "the external part of the skirt features a cooling system composed of two small heat exchangers that act as radiators. The effect is that the temperature inside mask drops, coming closer to the external temperature and the droplets of humidity are trapped before the air reaches the lenses, preventing them from fogging up."

The Quantum mask "offers enhanced downwards vision". Cressi


'ScubaLab' tested the Cressi Quantum mask in 72°F / 22°C water with air temperatures in the upper 80s°F / 31°F at Alexander Springs, Florida, USA.

According to the ScubaLab team the anti-fogging system "was highly effective, with testers reporting a “super crystal-clear” view, even after flooding and clearing the mask repeatedly. Though it earned top score for fog resistance, some divers felt the mask’s inner seals sat a bit too close to their eyes, impacting overall comfort. But, they also act as dampeners, reducing skirt pressure on the face. The mask scored very good for volume and adjustment.


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This compact mask comes in a choice of a clear skirt and three colours, a dark grey skirt and four colours, and a blue metal skirt and one colour. 


  • Clear skirt c/w black lens highlights, and clips
  • Clear skirt c/w blue lens highlights, and clips
  • Clear skirt c/w pink lens highlights, and clips
  • Dark Grey skirt c/w black lens highlights, and clips
  • Dark Grey skirt c/w blue lens highlights, and clips
  • Dark Grey skirt c/w red lens highlights, and clips
  • Dark Grey skirt c/w yellow lens highlights, and clips
  • Blue Metal skirt c/w black lens highlights, and clips

Key Features

  • Patented anti-fog system
  • Two inclined lenses
  • Flexible buck with micrometric adjustment
  • Bi-silicone strap
  • Tempered Glass
  • High quality silicone skirt

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