AOI Close-up Lenses

AOI Close-up Lenses

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In order to shoot proper images of the tiniest critters, even a good macro lens can easily reach its limits. When it comes to serious magnification, a close-up lens can deliver. Standard values are usually +5 and +10 diopters, sometimes with the option to stack several close-up lenses.

The UCL-90PRO and the UCL-09PRO by AOI are depth-rated to 60m (200ft) and provide a magnification of +18.5 diopters (UCL-90PRO) or +12.5 diopters (UCL-09PRO).

Standard 67mm threads allow the lenses to be mounted to most housings, including the new AOI housing for the OM System OM-1. Each lens comes with a pouch as well as front and rear lens caps.