Cave Diving and Mines

Bjurälven: The Underground River

Diver in Bjurälven cave system in Jämtland, Sweden. Photo by Micke Tilja.

The waters of Bjurälven flows from Norway’s mountains and into the Swedish province of Jämtland where the river meanders its way past the peaks and through the valley of Bjurälv where it is engulfed by the earth and disappears underground. In a thunderous roar, the great mass of water is swallowed by what is known as the Bjurälven Grotto, only to reappear more than one and a half kilometres away.

Maya Cenotes: Light, Shapes & Reflections

In Light Curtain, vast caverns are filled with strange formations in crystal clear waters. Photo by Andrey Gorodissky.

A huge ramified system of freshwater-filled sinkholes in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico comprise what is known as the Maya Cenotes. The ancient Maya people sometimes used them for sacred offerings and sacrifices.

Getting the Boys Out: Tham Luang Cave Rescue

On Saturday, 23 June 2018, a football team of boys in Thailand, aged 11 to 16, finished practice under the watchful eye of their 25-year-old coach, Ekkapol Chantawong. The group then cycled to and entered a popular tourist attraction, Tham Luang Cave. Some of the boys had never visited it before and were curious to know what it looked like. They explored the cave for about an hour before turning around and retraced their steps.

Diving the Christine Slate Mine of Germany

Diving is one of the most varied sports one can imagine. In the beginning, it is the colorful fish and warm waters that inspire new divers. But after some years, for many divers, this is not enough. For these divers, wreck diving and cave diving offer exciting alternatives. If you are interested in both, a whole new exciting world can also be found in mines and mine diving.

Project Prometheus - lighting Ordinskaya cave

Prometheus is an underwater photography and videography project by Orda Cave Underwater Speleology Center looking into the use of the latest technology in diving lamps to illuminate huge caves also for photography where flash has previously been used.

Ordinskaya Cave system is a horizontal gypsum labyrinth within the body of the mountain named after Kazakova. The greatest part of the cave labyrinth is filled with very strong mineralized water, so after each dive, all dive gear is covered by a thick coating of gypsum salts.

Mine Quest 2 Expedition

Scene from the engine room of Bell Island Mine, Newfoundland, Canada. Photo by Jill Heinerth.

Last summer, my path led me for the first time to Newfoundland, Canada, more precisely to the town of Conception Bay South. Cave explorer Jill Heinerth invited me along with Rick Stanley, the owner of Ocean Quest Adventure Resort, to dive some wrecks in the bay. On this occasion, Stanley told us about a project whose realization he has been working toward for several years.

J2 Cave Expedition

Gear at Sump 2 base awaiting dive haulage through to Camp 4, J2 Cave

1,000 hours under the earth. This is the tale of the expedition, led by deep cave explorer Bill Stone, to J2 Cave, located in the Sierra Juárez Mountains of northeastern Oaxaca, México, as told by team member and lead diver, Phil Short.