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Diving Through The Decades eBook Now Available

Announcing a new eBook that chronicles the progression of scuba diving from its humble beginnings to an international sport enjoyed by millions. Written by highly respected diving historian Eric Hanauer, Diving Through The Decades takes readers on an up-close and personal, decade by decade journey through the evolution of diving while highlighting inventions, events, and noted diving pioneers.

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You can purchase the game via the App Store or Google Play for US$49

VDI unveils a dive simulator app

According to VDI "this app is as close to diving as you can get on your mobile device while playing a game at the same time. More than a game, this simulator puts you in the diver's seat!"

Target market

The platform allows divers to enjoy their sport, with the simulator integrating the most used items in diving: mobile devices, training, and a connection to others with the same lifestyle.

In spring 2014, Holliday, along with Paul Toomer, bought shares in the dive training agency RAID in order to take it to the next level. In August 2014, he was appointed the new CEO of RAID International, a post he held until approximately two years ago. 

Now, Holliday, VDI's operations officer, has confirmed that the first dive training agency to get involved with his latest project is Scuba Schools International. 

VDI is honoured to host 3000+ SSI Dive Centers across the world, on our locator platform.


During the virtual dive, users will be able to discover marine life, explore underwater scenery or find gold coins. The team behind the VDI dive simulator think that this will help users to learn more about scuba diving and try virtual skills before taking a real scuba diving course. 


101 Tips for Recreational Scuba Divers now Available

Announcing a new eBook designed for recreational scuba divers of any experience level. The book was created to share lessons learned over many years and thousands of diving experiences from two renowned experts in the field of SCUBA, Dan Orr and Betty Orr.

The eBook is compilation of 101 stand-alone tips designed to guide readers toward their own safe and enjoyable diving practices and help them make informed decisions.

Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater, Volumes One and Two, Now Available

With an emphasis on sharing fascinating behaviors, the text and photographs combine to provide an overview of the natural history of a variety of animals that are commonly encountered by scuba divers and snorkelers when they don a mask, snorkel, and fins and explore the world beneath the waves.

Picture of his Life

The man at the center of the film is Amos Nachoum, an award-winning wildlife photographer and environmental activist, who has dedicated his life to photographing the world’s largest and most fearsome predators.

The goal of Amos’ work is to allow people to experience these animals in a way that highlights their natural beauty over their fearsomeness; often showing them in peaceful and serene moments.

Mike Fletcher —The Dive Detective in Depth

Mike Fletcher is a scary guy. Not because he’s violent or aggressive. Quite the contrary, when I meet him in person he turns out to be quite modest and charming. But when you listen to Mike talk about some of his dives, it’s a terrifying experience. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, having lunch with someone I consider to be one of the pre-eminent figures in diving today.