X-Ray Mag #24

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Even in the digital age, black and white photographs are still viewed as art. In this edition of my underwater photography series, I’ll give you an introduction to contrast imaging.

Arnold Weisz   Arnold Weisz , Alcides Falanghe

There are a few places on this planet where things seem to fall into place without any hesitation. Ilha Grande, Brazil, is one of these places. Even on busy weekends, there is a no-stress atmosphere. On the beach, in the garden hammock, or at 20 metres depth—it’s all laid back and lazy.

Harald Apelt   Harald Apelt , Rutger Geerling

Pearls of the Mediterranean: From high speed to slow down

Dr Kevin U. Chan  
Pollen Under The Scanning Electron Microscope

Asthma is a respiratory condition that affects 3-8% of the general population, thus also divers or would-be divers. It is defined as an increased responsiveness to the lower airways to multiple stimuli.

Wolfgang Pölzer   Wolfgang Pölzer

Completely landlocked doesn’t necessarily mean that diving is out of the question. Austria is best known for alpine skiing, historical Vienna and delicious cakes, but also offers some really spectacular diving. Here, one can dive wrecks and walls, enjoying a rich aquatic life in lakes with great visibility.

Before we take you on a trip through the top ten list of freshwater diving in Austria, let’s have a look at some facts. Since the break-up of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in 1918 Austria hasn’t had any access to the ocean. On the other hand, freshwater is in rich abundance in this small central European country.


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