Sea Glass — Recycling Ocean Gems

Sea glass has become very popular as a component in jewelry, chimes, sun catchers and ornaments. Tumbled by the ocean waves, sea glass comes from tossed bottles and jars that have found their way to the sea. The sand and surf softens the edges of the broken glass as it tumbles in the waves creating smooth, frosty pieces of sea glass, or beach glass.

Spirit of the Sea

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Green, clear, and brown are the most common colors of sea glass, but other colors from pink to red to amber to blue are rare finds, since most of the glass bottles produced since the early 1900’s were of the three common colors. Although it can be found world wide, sea glass is becoming more rare as beach combers around the world have been hunting for sea glass, often for their entire lifetimes. Sea glass has been further reduced by the introduction of plastic bottles and glass recycling, so less glass has found its way to the ocean as trash. But the touch of the sea still leaves gems for us to find. Another way to reduce, reuse, and recycle, sea glass jewelry and decor has become something we can enjoy that’s good for the environment.

Sea Glass Jewelry Designs

Vermont artist, Jennifer Wagner has been collecting sea glass for six years along the beaches of the Californian coast. She creates jewelry from genuine surf-tumbled sea glass, which she has gathered. The artists also creates sun catchers and ornaments. Aqua Mix Earrings shown above come from her Bent Collection. See more styles:

Jessica Lee

The subtle beauty of this necklace belies the creative energies behind its creation. Handcrafted by Oregon artist Jessica Lee, this piece showcases seven sea glass stones weathered by the forces of nature. They are encased in sterling silver, and held together by a sterling clasp adorned with semi-precious stones. Adjustable from 16 to 17.5 inches, this necklace is exquisitely designed for earth-loving individuals. Price: US$90.00.

West Coast Sea Glass

Genuine sea glass jewelry created by serious sea glass hunters and trained jewelery artists of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Mary Beth and Lindsay. Emerald Green and Aqua Blue Earrings and Pendant (above) have short stacks of aqua and limey green sea glass hanging on sterling silver earwires and feature a bright pewter sea star. Pendant on 16” sterling chain. Price: US$74.00

Key Lime Ring (left) sports a delicious “limey-est” of gems from England’s North Sea. It is a sea glass hunter’s dream! It’s about 5/8” long and set in .925 sterling silver. Size 6.5. Price: US$142.00

Sea Sapphire Collection

Gina Cowen designs and creates hand-drilled pieces of sea-glass in pale aqua blues make up this necklace crafted by UK artisan Gina Cowen. Spaced with toning frosted glass beads and finished with hand-beaten silver clasps. Cowen has specialised in jewellery from sea-glass because of the beauty in these simple, tide-tossed luminous pebbles of colour. Her earliest pieces were inspired by glass picked up on a small stretch of shingle near Cape Town. she now has glass from around the world. Some she collects, some are sent by friends. Prices from GB£300.00. The earrings (right) are created with hand-forged and filed, swan-hoop silver or 18ct gold fittings with single, double or triple drops of sea-glass. Prices from GB£60.00.

Utra Rare Red Orange Pair

EndoDay Sea Glass in Sterling Bezel© earrings created by self-taught wire jewelry maker, Linda Jereb of Florida, feature bright red orange sea glass. One must search hundreds of pairs to find a match of this calibre and of such a rare, valuable color in very old antique sea glass from the coast of England. According to the artist, it is called End of Day glass, or slag glass, and comes from a site in England where a Victorian-era glass company tossed scraps over the cliff at the end of the day. These pieces of sea glass are a once in a lifetime find for a sea glass enthusiast. Price: US$400.00

Sea Glass & Leather for Him

Sisters Jennifer Reed and Terri Reed-Boyer’s business of sea glass jewellery originates from their passion for pairing sea-glass jewellery in sterling silver and 14k gold. This they do beautifully, utilising their knowledge gained from a college education in metalsmithing and art. Throughout their lives, they hold firm to this passion, integrating this into their family life. The sisters, from Pennsylvannia, believe in using sea glass as it has been found on the beaches of Lake Erie, without any alteration or polishing. Above is a rustic braided tan leather necklace that any man would have no qualms wearing. The multi-coloured sea glass positioned on sterling silver show off the cool tones of brown, amber, aqua and clear beach glass. Available in various lengths of 17, 18 and 9 inches. Prices from US$188.00-$192.00.

Spirit of the Sea

Imagine wearing this delicately designed bracelet on your wrist. The light tones give it an airy feel, so it easily complements any outfit or beachwear. The single red gem (you won’t believe it’s actually sea glass!) stand out amidst the line of seven icy white sea glass stones fitted in sterling silver. Framed by real freshwater pearls and glass beads, this 8.5 inch cuff bracelet comes without any sharp edges. The company gets their sea glass from the East Coast of North America, Bermuda, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. Price: US$295.00.

HL Sea Beach Glass Jewelry

With a simple yet handsome design, this illusion sea glass pendant works well for him or her. Professionally drilled and handcrafted with strong beading wire and stirling silver findings. Also available on leather string or sterling silver chain in various lengths. Price: US$35.00

For this number, beach glass of green, blue, brown, sea foam, red and clear colours show off your vibrant personality. Looking dynamic enough to leap off your finger, the beach glass nevertheless will stay put on the 8mm sterling silver ring. Price: US$210.00.


Artisan Tina Lam of Ecstasea in Hong Kong has been collecting seaglass for almost ten years and started making sea glass jewelry two years ago. Hong Kong is one of the busiest Asian cities blessed with beaches, she said. “Visits to the beach are walking meditations for me. Seaglass found on these trips remind me of nature’s amazing ability to turn humble glass shards into prized gems. I saw them as gifts from nature to those who love the sun, sea and beaches, because these are the elements that crafted them. I just add the simplest touches to bring out their best!” All Tina’s seaglass components are genuine and personally hand-collected, never etched, tumbled or altered. The collection of these natural briolette shaped pastel seaglass drops spans years, and they compliment each other beautifully in this tranquil pendant with sterling silver dreamcatcher charm. Each drop measuries 3/8 - 1/2 inch long, and the sterling silver bail is 3/8 inch. Price: US$33.00.

The wave bracelet features a beautiful aqua color of sea glass that is slightly curved to fit perfectly snug on your wrist. Tina has complimented its wavy shape with a series of hammered sterling silver waves, giving a unique, dynamic character to this bracelet. The seaglass is drilled on each end and strung with dark brown leather straps and sterling silver toggle clasps. The bracelet is 7.5 inches long. The seaglass is 1 3/8 inches long by 5/8 inch at widest. Price: US$21.00

Sea Glass Bouquet

This beautiful sea-glass bouquet necklace by Katie Carrin of Berkeley, California, features a rare piece of orange sea glass from the North Sea of England, faceted carnelian gemstones and creamy white freshwater keishi pearls hanging from a sterling silver necklace. Each individual gemstone and pearl is hand-wrapped in sterling silver to create this unique flower bouquet centerpiece. Price: US$350.00

Sea Horse

This darling one of a kind genuine sea glass seahorse (above) by Svetlana Rasuleva of Palmeras features teal colored sea glass wrapped by hand in sterling silver wire with sterling silver beads and white topaz gemstones. Pendant measure 8.5cm (3.3 inches) long. Comes with a sterling silver chain 70cm (27.5 inches) long with sterling sliver clasp, adorned with white topaz micro faceted gemstone rondelles. Price: US$240.00

Palmeras Sea Glass

Svetlana Rasuleva of Palmeras, an artist and collector of sea glass living in Mallorca (Balearic Islands), has been collecting and making sea glass jewelry for almost four years. “All my sea glass is genuine and handpicked by me on the shores of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Each piece of sea glass jewelry is inspired by the beauty, colors and nature of the Mediterranean and holds a unique history.” One-of-a-kind, the Turkish Delight bracelet (above) is inpired by Turkish black coffee, turkish delight sweets, caramel and turquoise gemstones. This beautiful bangle features sea glass in black (a very dark olive green), turquoise, brown, amber honey and  golden honey found on the beaches of the Balearic Islands. Wrapped by hand in sterling silver wire, the silver is given a vintaged effect by being oxidized and finally polished. Length of the bangle with clasp is approximately 20cm (7.8 inches). The bracelet is rigid, having a resistent structure. Price: US$270.00