'A Plastic Ocean' - Coming Soon

'A Plastic Ocean' - Coming Soon

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If you haven't already twigged, there is a crisis in our ocean. Our plastic ocean.

Only a fraction of the plastic we produce is recycled. Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans. A fact that most of the world either ignores or is unaware of. Now an adventure documentary will expose the horrible truth behind the plastic we throw away.

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The trailer for 'A Plastic Ocean' was launched via social media on Thursday 4th February 2016. It is already waves, having been viewed 394,000 views in just five days on the 'A Plastic Ocean' Facebook page. 'A Plastic Ocean' follows the story of journalist Craig Leeson and world champion free-diver Tanya Streeter as they investigate how plastics enter the environment and affect wildlife and human health. Over a four year period Leeson and Streeter joined scientific expeditions and visited remote island communities blighted by plastic pollution. Along the way they encountered seabirds dying from eating plastic products, dolphins with plastic chemicals in their bodies, and sealife entangled in discarded plastic.

There is no away. Sir David Attenborough

The story also has some important messages from respected experts Sir David Attenborough and Dr Sylvia Earle. The full-length film - A Plastic Ocean - will be released in 2016. What are the ultimate consequences for our health? What we can do to stop this pollution, or is it too late? You can follow the discussion on Twitter, or join in the conversation using #Plastic #Oceans