New Video on AI in Underwater Photography

New Video on AI in Underwater Photography

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There are various ways that AI can be employed in the processing of underwater photos in postproduction as a tool in solving some common issues to improve images or as a creative tool.

Photo of a diver on the wreck of the Stolt Dagali off the New Jersey coast in the United States, which has been modified by Generative Fill AI in Photoshop. The original image is inside the dashed-line border.

Have look at this video of an excellent, informative and entertaining presentation on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in underwater photography, namely Generative Fill in Photoshop, by regular contributor and avid underwater photographer and technical diver Michael Rothschild. In addition, you can read his article about generative fill in X-Ray Mag here.

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Michael Rothschild is a pediatric otolaryngologist ( in New York City and a technical rebreather diver. He has served as president and dive chair of the Big Apple Divers (, formerly the New York City Sea Gypsies, and as a medical moderator on Scubaboard. He is the co-director of the New York Underwater Photographic Society (, and he lectures on both underwater photography and ENT issues in diving at the Beneath the Sea expo. For more information, go to:


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