How to submit

You can submit files via email, WeTransfer, Dropbox, upload with ftp, or you can send them with old-school snail mail. Read more here >>>

If you put it in the snail mail, make sure it is properly wrapped.


X-Ray Mag and its affiliates are not responsible for lost or damaged materials or loss or damages resulting from electronic transfer or communications. Personal information is held confidential and will not be released without the individual's written permission.

For starters: Put all images and other materials in a folder

Before sending, please put all your images inside a folder (directory) named with your name and subject.

1. By email:

Expect confirmation of the receipt of your email within 2-3 days. We may be out of the office for a short while, but if you do not hear back, please try again.

2. Using file transfer services:

WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc, seem to work just fine. 
If using Dropbox, please share to the account:

3. Upload via ftp:

Please put all your images in one folder, named with the subject matter and your name, and upload that whole folder in one go.


user: Upload
pass: sendfiles2020

Note that since files and folders uploaded to the server will be protected against accidental deletes and overwrites, you will not be able to re-upload files under the same name.

Should you, therefore, need to re-upload anything, i.e. corrections, the new files must be given file names that differ. For example, you can just append '_new' to the name of any corrected files.

4. By snail-mail:

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