Heart Survivor by Eric Douglas

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Heart Survivor by Eric Douglas

Thu, 14/09/2017 - 22:01
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Dear friends,

Many of you know, about a year and a half ago I had open-heart surgery and then spent the next six months working on my recovery and getting into good enough shape to be given medical clearance to dive again.

I wrote about my recovery process on the Scuba Diving magazine website and also put together a book about my recovery to serve as an inspiration to others who found themselves in the same situation; not necessarily the return to diving, but looking to find inspiration toward a full recovery.

This experience has made the American Heart Association one of my favorite charities. On September 30, I will (for the second time) run in my local heart walk. I have created a team called Team Second Chance. If anyone would like to donate to my team, it would be greatly appreciated.

My fundraiser for the run is I will donate the proceeds of all copies of Heart Survivor: Recovery After Heart Surgery to the American Heart Association sold between now and the morning of the race.

I really liked this most recent review for the book: “It's a down to earth guide to those facing or recovering from heart surgery. I appreciated the author's ability to keep things direct and to the point. Not a lot of fluff.”
The 3rd Key: Sharks in the Water
Some reviews are long and detailed. Others are short and to the point. I liked this most recent review for The 3rd Key Sharks in the Water.

“Underwater thriller: Comfortable reading. Good plot.”
If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!
Wider distribution
Until recently, the ebook versions of the Mike Scott thriller novels were exclusive to Kindle, but I have decided to make them available on all ebook formats; this includes Nook, Kobo and iBooks as well as several smaller formats. As the exclusive contracts with Kindle expire, they will “go wide”.
Right now, Cayman Cowboys, Guardians’ Keep and The 3rd Key are all available, along with the short story Land Sharks (FREE). On September 21, Wreck of the Huron will be available everywhere as well. The remainder of the novels in the series will come available in October and the entire series will be “wide” by Oct. 31.
100 Days in Appalachia
If you’re interested, I recently wrote this article for the online publication 100 Days in Appalachia.

In West Virginia, getting people back to work is more complicated than the governor says