Dive Green with Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet

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Dive Green with Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet

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Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet knows they depend on a fragile marine ecosystem, which is facing a multitude global threats.


The Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet offers 7 destinations including the Red Sea, Maldives, Northeastern Caribbean (Saba/St. Kitts), Turks & Caicos Islands, Galapagos Islands and Indonesia. The M/V Turks & Caicos Explorer II also spends 10 weeks in the winter/spring offering snorkeling with Humpback Whales on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic, under charter to Aquatic Adventures.

Starting back in 1987, Explorer Ventures put environmental consciousness at the heart of their business model before “sustainability” was an operational buzzword. This strong foundation has helped them navigate the changing tides of the pandemicand follow their customized sustainability management policy called Dive Green.

Watch the Dive Green Video here.

When it comes to safeguarding the ocean, liveaboards also face unique logistical challenges that land-based dive operators don’t. That’s why they’ve partnered with The Reef-World Foundation - a marine conservation charity working tirelessly to protect coral reefs through the UN Environment Programme’s Green Fins initiative. 

As Explorer Ventures continues to lead the way, Reef-World’s sustainability experts are helping them overcome the very specific environmental challenges faced by liveaboards, in addition to collaborating towards a future where environmentally friendly practices are standard across the marine tourism industry.

See how Explorer Ventures balanced sustainability during the pandemic here.

Continually becoming even more sustainable, they hope to set a good example for others to improve their environmental practices also. But to make sustainable diving the norm, Explorer Ventures needs your help too!

Join in by following their simple guidelines and ‘Know Before You Go’!

Learn more about Explorer Ventures sustainability initiative Dive Green.


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