Be part of the solution with 'Time To Surface'

Be part of the solution with 'Time To Surface'

Mon, 07/02/2022 - 13:50
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Interested in diving and want it to be more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable?

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Explore Beneath the Surface: Diving Whilst Informed

Do you worry about the health of this Blue Planet of ours? 

Want to explore, but don’t think the price of entry should be major sponsorship, a camera crew, and a public relations department?

‘Time to Surface’ is launching a series of workshops, to explore how communities, organizations and individuals can determine what incentivises better outcomes for themselves and others.

'Diving Whilst Informed'. Time To Surface

In the first workshop participants will explore a common misconception that dive boat safety is just the captain’s responsibility.

Diving off a boat should be fun, however it is a dynamic environment in which we operate. Being afloat often challenges our ability to recognise hazards, and act appropriately.

In reality, the captain is responsible, we as divers are responsible, and the community is responsible. Time To Surface

Time To Surface states "this 90-minute session will empower us all to be better (stakeholders/divers) so that we can start to see things differently. It will provide us with the tools to help protect ourselves and others by recognising risks earlier.

You will walk away from this on-line practical session better informed and armed with useful skills. This will reduce the stress of boat diving, allowing you to focus on your underwater adventures."

Book your place!

The first on-line workshop - entitled ‘Shit Happens’ - will be held on Wednesday 2 March 2022 at 19.00 GMT.

TTS stated "we feels it is important that anyone can access this useful session, TTS works with a “pay it forward” philosophy. If you are able to make a small voluntary contribution to a favourite charity of your choice, or one from our list your donation will help make a positive difference to these marine organisations.

By joining the conversation you can directly impact the safety of others, ‘Time to Surface’ is planning to share the results and the ideas from each session with the broader community".

Time to Surface Chosen Charities

The British Cave Rescue Council
The BCRC is the representative body for voluntary underground rescue in the British Isles. When requested the BCRC will also send qualified, experienced cavers / cave divers overseas to be part of a rescue team. Probably the most high profile rescue the BCRC has been involved with to date, was the Thai cave rescue in 2018. 

Diving With a Purpose
Diving With a Purpose is an American non-profit organisation aimed at locating and documenting shipwrecks, predominantly those related to the Atlantic slave trade.

Hèroes del Mar
The mission of Héroes del Mar is to create the next generation of conservationists by providing education and opportunities to children of small Mexican communities. "We will explore the problems the oceans face and together, create solutions for sustainability."

This team of supporters, professionals and volunteers is at the forefront of understanding the mental health needs and experiences of young people.

People Of The Water
Founded by Cristina Zenato, this non-profit organisation is dedicated to changing people’s relationships with our aquatic world through exploration, education and conservation.

Pieta House
This non-profit organisation provides free help to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. They also directly support households devasted by the loss of a loved one by suicide, and provide bereavement counselling. 




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