Tips for Travellers

Tips for Travellers that are not specific to locations or destinations. I.e. issues with luggage and security, small tips

Kayak Diving: Between the Boats & Beach

Kayak diving is a great adventure

The words “dive trip” are enough to make most divers start daydreaming of warm water, great visibility, thin wetsuits and talented guides who can find critter after critter. Change those words to “dive adventure” and you will find a small group of divers who immediately think of kayak diving.

What exactly is meant by "Rebreather Friendly"?

“Rebreather Friendly” dive centres—what exactly does this mean? With emerging technologies becoming more mainstream in the diving world these days, more and more people are making the investment in rebreathers. Everyone knows the advantages of these pieces of kit—extended dive time capabilities, reduced gas usage, quieter and less obtrusive to the aquatic world, etc. But are dive operators thinking on the same lines?

Where may these kids be heading out when they get older?

Travel boosts your creativity

Those bitten by the travel bug know seeing the world and learning about different cultures is amazing. What you may not know is that it can also increase creativity. According to a new study published in the Academy of Management Journal, researchers from Columbia University analyzed the experiences of three creative directors from 270 high-end fashion houses over 11 years. Study results revealed a direct correlation between creativity and time spent overseas.

In some cases, camera strobes are sealed units that cannot be taken apart, which can pose a bit of a problem with over-zealous screeners. To this effect, some strobe manufacturers have issued a statement regarding the safety of bringing their units on planes. Print this statement out and bring it. In this case it has been attached to the strobe in question.

Travelling with Dive Equipment

Knives, spear-guns and other objects that can be used as weapons must, obviously, be checked. Any sharp objects packed in checked luggage should be securely wrapped to prevent injury to security screeners.

Rigging Your Gear

Get all the small pieces in order

Underwater photography requires more than your basic dive gear and cameras. Sometimes it’s the often overlooked accessories and customized set ups that help you safely and conveniently capture the shot in difficult or unexpected conditions. Some accessories simply make your life a little easier, while others help you avoid ditching your camera in an emergency.