Tips for Travellers

Tips for Travellers that are not specific to locations or destinations. I.e. issues with luggage and security, small tips

Rescue in Remote locations

Do you plan to explore a deep virgin wreck? Is it your dream to discover a unique cave system deep in the jungle? Have you heard about a Blue Hole miles off shore and want to give it a try? In any case, chances are you’ll be diving in a remote location where emergency medical systems are not much more frequent and up-to-date than traffic lights in the Himalayas.

Travelling with camera equipment

In issue #9 we took you through some tips of the trade for selecting a dive operator that will help you properly facilitate your underwater photography. In this issue we’d like to share with you some hints and tips for getting all of your valuable camera equipment to your destination safely, and without incurring costly excess baggage fares.

Debugging the sunscreen factor

Just like GirlDivers don’t go under the waves without our “life support system”, we shouldn’t go under the rays without a “life support system”. Yes, ladies (and gentlemen), we’re talking about sun protection. And while sometimes this topic seems over played, hopefully this article will share new information and remind you of the need for adequate skin care under the sun.