An orca's teeth are ground down to the gum.
An orca's teeth are ground down to the gum.

Shark diet bad for orca's teeth

Until the 1990s, only two kinds of orcas were seen in the inshore waters of British Columbia, says John Ford, a zoologist at the University of British Columbia and a research scientist at the Pacific Biological Station run by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.: “resident whales,” which prefer delicacies such as salmon; and “transient whales,” which prefer to eat mammals such as porpoises and seals.

Do whales like jazz?

Interspecies was started in 1978, to grant artists the same access to wilderness and wild animals that is usually reserved for field biologists. Their goal and belief is that science is not the only approach to understanding nature. During the 1980s, Interspecies sponsored over 100 musicians to attempt communication with orcas off western Canada.