X-Ray Mag #121

Scott Bennett
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Pierre Constant   Pierre Constant
Photo: Pierre Constant

Located in the central Atlantic Ocean, off the westernmost point of Africa, Cape Verde is an island country made up of an archipelago of ten volcanic islands. Pierre Constant shares his adventure diving, hiking and trekking in the rugged northern group of isles called the Barlavento Islands.

Scott Bennett   Scott Bennett
Photo: Scott Bennett

Located in the eastern half of Indonesia is the island chain of Nusa Tenggara where unique marine life can be found on brilliantly colourful reefs as well as sites with volcanic sands, great for muck diving and macro photography. Scott Bennett takes us on a liveaboard adventure to three of the islands: Alor, Flores and Komodo.

Interview by G. Symes   All artwork by Marguerita Hagan
Captions by Marguerita Hagan   All artwork by Marguerita Hagan
The Beautiful Woman Comes (Nefertiti), by Marguerita Hagan. Photo: Richard W. Gretzinger.

American artist and diver Marguerita Hagan, who is based in Philadelphia, creates exquisite and intricate ceramic sculptures inspired by marine life and microorganisms found in our oceans. X-Ray Mag interviewed the artist to learn more about her creative process, research, and perspectives on the underwater realm and the interconnected ecosystems of our planet.

Simon Pridmore   Simon Pridmore
Photo courtesy of Crest Diving

Smartwatch dive computers are here. Are we on the cusp of a safety revolution? And are we prepared for the changes that this revolution may bring? Simon Pridmore takes a closer look.

Kate Jonker   Kate Jonker , Mike Bartick , Tim Ho , Wayne Jones , Ferran Sánchez , Robert Stansfield , William Tan , Scott “Gutsy” Tuason
Photos: Kate Jonker

Want to know more about the SUPE D-Pro strobe from Scubalamp? Kate Jonker put it through its paces and offers insights from several photographers who have used this strobe in underwater photography.

X-Ray Mag Contributors   X-Ray Mag Contributors
Triptych: Gary Rose

We asked our contributors to create an underwater “triptych,” and they returned with an artistic range of color, black-and-white and toned compilations, from abstract close-ups to wide-angle shots, featuring a variety of marine life, large and small, as well as divers, on reefs and wrecks, and in open water, lakes, and even an aquarium.

Matthew Meier   Matthew Meier
Photo: Matthew Meier

Picturesque, remote tropical islands, a serene, protected atoll, endless warm water, colorful soft corals, encrusting sponges, schooling reef fish and the occasional spotted eagle ray, shark or other pelagic… What more could a diver ask for? How about over 60 shipwrecks, plane wrecks and even a submarine steeped in WWII history—95 percent of which are within recreational diving limits. Contrary to what you may have heard, Truk Lagoon is definitely not just for the technical diving community. Matthew Meier shares his adventure there.


Other articles and news in this edition

Photo courtesy of LBO/MIDE

Submissions accepted until 7 May 2024 for the 2024 Lens Beyond Ocean international competition.

The 18th annual Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) 2024 will take place 7-9 June 2024 at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur.

The sunken WWII Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, part of the historic Battle of Midway, has been surveyed and documented, revealing significant historical insights.

A groundbreaking study suggests jellyfish may be smarter than we thought. Despite their lack of traditional brains, jellyfish exhibit surprising layers of complexity.

Diver Zach Whitrock at the site of the Trinidad wreck

The Wisconsin Historical Society has announced the discovery of a ship that had been lost since the late 1800s in Lake Michigan.

Divers locate the wreck of the SS Express, bringing closure to the Orkney community over a tragic event from 1918.

The humble sea cucumber is a marine delicacy loved across Asia, but may be also a key ingredient in preventing diabetes, according to new research from the University of South Australia

Research from the University of South Australia reveals that the humble sea cucumber has a promising role in preventing diabetes, adding to its wide-ranging medicinal properties.

Beach scene on a sunny day

A recent American Academy of Dermatology survey found that many believe several tanning myths, which if followed, can cause significant skin damage.

Great White Shark

Observations by shark researchers and anecdotal evidence suggest the world’s largest predatory fish is able to switch between dark and light gray in a matter of hours.

Tight school of glassfish in the bay of Aqaba

Large schools of fish always move as one, and researchers have discovered just how they manage to achieve such seamless coordination.