Galápagos Islands

Sunbathing marine lizard, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Sunbathing marine lizard, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

An enchanting and ecologically unique place, immortalized by Charles Darwin’s seminal work on evolutionary biology in 1859, the Galápagos Islands hold a revered spot as one of the truly magical locations of the world. During pandemic times, when stillness and quiet replaced the cacophony of tourists, it seemed even more captivating. Brandi Mueller reports.

Reef fish called Chromis viridis (blue-green chromis) and Chromis margaritifer (bicolor chromis) swim among the staghorn coral (Acropora acuminata) at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific.

World’s Largest Marine Protected Area Designated by President Obama

President Obama announced today that he’s creating the world’s largest marine protected area.

The proclamation — which Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced during an oceans meeting he convened in New York on Thursday — will mean added protections for deep-sea coral reefs and other marine ecosystems that administration officials say are among “the most vulnerable” to the negative effects of climate change.