The USS Johnston off Seattle, Washington (USA), on 27 October 1943

USS Johnston, world's deepest known wreck, identified

The 115m-long US Navy destroyer is widely known for her bold action in the Battle off Samar, the Philippines.  The actions of the relatively lightly armed Johnston—sunk after a fierce battle with a large fleet of Japanese warships—helped stop the Japanese Admiral Kurita's Center Force from attacking vulnerable U.S.

Bikini Atoll

Torpedo tubes on USS Lamson

Bikini Atoll—without a doubt—is the undisputed top wreck diving destination on the planet. I remember when I first started diving back in 1989, I would sit around the table and listen to members of our dive club in South London, salivating at the concept of diving Bikini Atolls’ Saratoga, an aircraft carrier and one of the world's largest diveable wrecks.

Coiba Dive Expedition's vessel Yemaya anchored off Malpelo

Dive operations to Malpelo to cease

Otmar Hanser, Coiba Dive Expeditions, writes:

It is with a heavy heart that we are informing you of our decision to cease our operation to Malpelo effective January 2018.

The Colombian government decided end of last year to change the rules for the permits to Malpelo National Park. From 2018 onwards, only boats operating from Colombian ports will be allowed to visit Malpelo, citing the need to implement and guarantee the national sovereignty of their country as the primary reason for this change.