Malta & Gozo

Malta scuttles patrol boat, creates new artificial reef

The operation was organised by the Tourism Authority together with the Ministry for Tourism and the Association of Professional Diving Schools of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

The boat was scuttled and sank between the wrecks of St Michael and Melita, two tugboats that also serve as scuba diving sites. 

According to the Professional Diving School Association, the vessel is resting on the seabed at a depth of around 20 metres, whereas Television Malta states the depth is 27m.

Malta's Deep-Water Wrecks

Diver on wreck of the Polynesian, Malta (45-65m)

Ranging from calm shore dives for beginner divers to technical diving on elusive, unmarked wreck sites, which can only be found via depth sounder—diving in Malta has it all. Just beyond Malta’s dramatic underwater landscapes of strange rock formations, chimneys and caves, visitors can discover Malta’s intriguing and piquant past.

Accused of Involuntary Homicide: Malta vs. Martin

After losing his girlfriend and a friend in a dive accident, Stephen Martin was first commended for his handling of the situation but later found himself accused of involuntary manslaugher by the Maltese authorities who issued an international warrant for his arrest. The case was eventually dropped after the dive community kicked up a storm, politicians intervened and BSAC came to his aid.