Scubapro Galileo G2

Scubapro Galileo G2

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In the summer of 2007, Scubapro UWATEC launched an exciting new dive computer. The Galileo Sol.

The Galileo has now had a revamp with the launch of the G2. Certain key features introduced by In 2007, Scubapro released a ground-breaking new design with its Galileo dive computers - incorporating a heart rate monitor (via a separate chest belt) to increase the personalisation of decompression algorithms for different divers.

Ten years later, they have introduced the updated G2 model, now with a full-colour screen. The air-integrated G2 incorporates much of the original Galileo, utilising the same menu structure, three-button control system and the same functionality that helped to earn the Galileo a reputation as one of the best, most easy to use computers on the market.

All available accessories are backwards-compatible with the original Galileo. The updated colour display is designed to highlight whatever needs your attention most, in a high contrast, user-configurable screen layout.

The G2 is among Scubapro's unique collection of dive computers that take heart rate, skin temperature, breathing rate and water temperature into account during a dive - all factors that can affect the at which the human body absorbs nitrogen, and therefore offering peronally tailored no-stop and decompression calculations for both recreational and technical divers.

The G2 offers several different screen presentations that allow you to customise the presentation of the data as you wish to view it - the screen can even be rotated through 180 degrees to position the buttons on the top or bottom as preferred by the diver.

To add to the ease of use, the computer offers the ability to display the information in a choice of different languages, as well as your own personalised colour scheme.

The computer is mixed-gas, trimix-compatible and functions in scuba, freediving, gauge, CCR and sidemount modes, making it usable by the full range of underwater enthusiasts, from beginner level to advanced tech.

For more information visit: scubapro/g2

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