Lusitania: The Underwater Collection

Lusitania: The Underwater Collection
Lusitania: The Underwater Collection
Vic Verlinden
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200 pages in A4 format

On 7 May 1915, the transatlantic liner RMS Lusitania was sank by a German submarine. This incident, in which 128 Americans lost their lives, prompted an outcry from America, and was one of the reasons for its entry into World War I two years later.

Today, the Lusitania wreck is 19 km from the southern coast of Ireland, resting at a depth of 92m in tidal waters with a visibility of about six metres.

X-Ray Mag contributor, wreck diver and underwater photographer Vic Verlinden and his team conducted "Lusitania—Project 17," a five-year thorough study documenting and photographing the wreck. His efforts over five expeditions have resulted in this hardcover book, telling the story of this illustrious vessel. Many of its 160 photos (alongside 240 historical photos and illustrations) show portions of the wreck that have been photographed for the first time.