Gates GT14 Underwater Imaging Light

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Gates GT14 Underwater Imaging Light

Wed, 08/04/2020 - 15:54
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The Gates GT14 Underwater Imaging Light unites various practical features for the underwater videographer into a compact, travel-friendly package.

It provides up to 14,000 lumens of light, with a 90-degree beam angle. A big, glove-sized power ring switch rotates through seven different light power outputs, including a very low power mode for night diving. Fuel gage and light level indicators are mirrored to provide easy reading from either side.

A water-cooling contact behind the LED enables higher efficiencies for high light power outputs and longer burn times without overheating the LED. On full power, the light works for 30 minutes; on half-power, 75 minutes; and on low power, 10 hours. The battery pack can be charged in three hours.
The GT14 provides 5000K colour temperature, is depth-rated to 137m (450ft), a has a dry weight of 1.4kg top-side, and a negative weight of 538g underwater.