Cave Diving: Everything you always wanted to know, by Stratis Kas

As the title says, this book covers all aspects of cave diving—everything you might wish to know it. Written by X-Ray contributor, diving instructor and adventure filmmaker Stratis Kas (with Matteo Ratto), this book includes information about diving physics and physiology that have been written in collaboration with scientists, doctors and specialists.

Cave Diving book cover
CAVE DIVING: Everything you always wanted to know
Stratis Kas
Matteo Ratto
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17x25cm, full colour

More essentially, the book’s unique feature is the 32 inserts by top world-class cave divers on their personal take on important elements of cave diving. Alongside a foreword by tech diving pioneer Michael Menduno, this book contains more than 75 colour photos as well as large-scale, detailed illustrations presenting information on navigation, gas management, etc.