Diving with Children

Volivoli Beach Resort Certifies Local Community Kids

2020 was certainly a tough year and whilst almost everyone on the planet was in some way or another effected by circumstances around COVID-19 our entire Fijian life and livelihood relies either directly or indirectly on tourism.

It felt so great to help share a little fun and education with the youth of today, who in turn will become our leaders of tomorrow, to provide the opportunity to see first-hand why divers from around the globe flock to the famous Bligh Waters to experience ‘Fiji’s Finest Diving’ and the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’.   

Young Divers

Lupo prepares his equipment for a dive

We are all born under the sun, and for the first year, we are perfectly at ease underwater. In the first months, we keep our eyes and mouths open without any problems, even underwater, thanks to the closure of the glottis that prevents us from drowning. After the first 10 to 12 months, however, we lose this superpower, and to go underwater, we have to organize well!

Children and Scuba Diving

Is it safe? When are young too young? The topic of children and diving has been and will remain controversial and highly emotional. The following article intends to provide a review of current recommendations regarding medical issues and fitness as well as important considerations related to the involvement of children in underwater activities.