Buddy Dive Resort Presents: "Buddy Dive Thru the Lens"

This year, Buddy Dive Thru the Lens will be hosted again at Buddy Dive Resort, this time from August 24th - 31st. Buddy Dive Thru the Lens is an underwater photography week with many options for (new) underwater photographers to develop their skills! 

Dive enthusiasts and photography aficionados are invited to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of Bonaire's underwater world at the much anticipated "Buddy Dive Thru the Lens" photography event, hosted by Buddy Dive Resort. 

Buddy Dive Thru the Lens - Underwater Photography Event

During Buddy Dive Thru the Lens, our photo guru Guillermo will offer a program for guests to develop their skills and knowledge through workshops and presentations and practice their newly learned skills in a perfect environment.

The event will be sponsored by SeaLife underwater cameras. This offers a great opportunity to try the newest SeaLife cameras and products during try-outs and workshops.

UW Photography Workshop
 With Rico Besserdich

Born in Germany in 1968, he became interested in photography at a very young age but his real passion for the subject came to the fore after he discovered scuba diving in 1998. On becoming an instructor in 2000, he was able to combine his love for diving and photography by focusing on his 'Aquatic Photography' which has earned him his just reputation as being one of the best in this field. His work has been published in magazines worldwide and has won him many awards and accolades.