X-Ray Mag #96

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Mike Ange  

Exposure protection is second only to the dive mask in its importance to your dive experience. In my article in issue #92, we looked at wetsuits, their myths and design features. In this follow-up, we will discuss the next level corollary—drysuits.

Lucy Martin   Sam Balderson, Christian Burger, Tony Jupiter, , Lucy Martin, Rose Martin, Brandi Mueller , Sharon Ralsph anc ICS

Drifting fish aggregating devices (dFADs) are threatening endangered marine species and coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. Marine conservationist Lucy Martin worked with the Island Conservation Society (ICS), a non-governmental organization in the Seychelles, on a large survey in 2015 to find out how big an issue FADs actually were. The instruments littered the marine environment in the Outer Islands especially around Desroches, Poivre, Saint Joseph, Cosmolédo, Farquhar and the Alphonse Group, where Martin lived. As a trained marine biologist, she took a scientific approach to the survey and spent time in the water to see the damage for herself.


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