X-Ray Mag #37

Göran Elhmé
101 spreads (double pages)
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At 2:00 am, it is already daylight on Pléneau Island, a place where floating icebergs become grounded, a graveyard of diverse towering structures of ice articulated in extraordinary forms. In a quintessential snowy landscape, snowflakes of perfect shape fall over me, a moment of utter isolation. I am the only one awake among the few that have chosen to sleep on ice with a sleeping bag, our way of bonding with the final wilderness—Antarctica, the last of our planet’s pristine milieu.

Mike Keleher   Mike Keleher
Travelling on major cruise lines for a dive vacation has got to be the “ultimate” in live aboards!

Diving from a cruise ship? How do you enter the water? Must be a heck of a drop if you roll in backwards!

Kelly LaClaire   Peter Symes
Gunild & Peter Syme   Peter Symes

When trying to determine if a particular watch is suitable for diving, first of all, look for a water-resistance rating of at least 200 meters, or 20 atm. The apparent overkill on the depth rating means that the watch should hold up fine underwater for most normal diving conditions. But a watch claiming to be water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) should be sufficient for recreational scuba diving, especially since those safe diving limits are set at 40m (130 feet).

Peter Symes   Göran Ehlmé and others

Göran Ehlmé of Sweden has planned and led many field trips to the polar areas and was the first to lead diving expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica.

As an underwater cameraman, Ehlmé has been on assignment filming many documentaries for Animal Planet, BBC, Canal Plus and National Geographic

Edited by Gunild Symes   Maximo Laura

Peruvian artist Maximo Lauro creates large, spell-binding tapestries of rich color and fantastic imagery of life under the sea. In the past 25 years, his works have been shown in over a hundred exhibits in 26 countries around the world. In an interview, Lauro tells X-RAY MAG about his creative process and how his art is inspired by the mystery and majesty of nature.

Lawson Wood   Lawson Wood

Before we get into the picture-taking business, let us look at some of the jargon and explain what everyone else gets so excited about. Yep! Which format should I use to take my underwater photograph?


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