X-Ray Mag #21

Wolfgang Pölzer
90 spreads (double pages)
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Jean-Pierre Baudu  
Michel Ribera  

That’s it! We managed to take a stretcher to a depth of 54 meters and a total distance of more than 450 meters. What a human and technical achievement!

Peter Symes   Peter Symes

Biologist, rebreather diver, inventor of Pyle Stops or... database manage. X-RAY MAG catches up with the ever-inventive and contemplative pioneer, Richard Pyle, to find out what makes him tick, insights into his theories, and the stories behind his accomplishments.

It is sad, but true—underwater photographers do not have a good track record or reputation for behaving well in nature. But being environmentally aware and conscientious about conservation issues should be as much part of the preparations as loading the camera with a memory card and fresh batteries.

Cedric Verdier   Cedric Verdier, Jakub Rehacek and Wes Skiles

It has been a year now since I started to exclusively side-mount the off-board tanks of my rebreather—either a Megalodon CCR or an Evolution CCR. Why? Simply because it’s much more convenient!

Michael Symes  

We have previously looked at the various properties of water which have an effect on aquatic fauna, some of them a bit out of the ordinary, such as surface tension. However, one of the most important

Michael Arvedlund, PhD & Peter Symes, M.Sc.  

The popular anemone fishes are mostly known for their symbiosis with giant sea anemones, their interesting behaviour, and beautiful colours. But they also have another lesser known but interesting side to their lives: Their life cycles includes transsexual ‘stunts’


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