X-Ray Mag #14

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Tim and Wandy Hochgrebe   Underwater australia competition participants , Yann Saint-Yves

Australia — the land ‘Down Under’ — renown for Uluru (the rock formerly know as Ayers), its red desserts and kangaroos. But the smallest continent on earth features one of the largest varieties of habitats ranging from tropical rainforest to old-growth temperate forests and alpine heaths—and that goes for underwater as well.

Leigh Cunningham   Adam Butler

Something I find surprising in the 21st century is the amount of divers that have had no formal training below 40 meters.

Daniel Beecham  

Many people dream of one day making a living out of underwater photography or videography, few people ever make this dream a reality. There have been only a handful of underwater cameramen or film crews who have made a name for themselves through underwater imaging. One group that has, goes by the name: Scubazoo

Jeanne Liebetrau   Peter Pinnock

A dark cloud developed ahead of me. Curious, I swam nearer to investigate. The cloud billowed getting bigger and darker. Inside flashes of silver struck like a highveld thunderstorm. The cloud undulated with tumultuous movement.

It was massive. As it twisted towards me I made out the characteristic shape of barracudas—the long sleek body, dark chevron markings and the mean looking straight jaw line. Thousands and thousands of barracuda were swimming together in tight synchronized formation.

Michael Arvedlund   Peter Symes
Tyge Dahl Hermansen   Peter Symes
Peter Symes   Peter Symes

"Stingray kills television host"

The headlines soon spread all over the world when the famous Australian philanthropist and television host, “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, was recently killed by a stingray, also known as a whiptail stingray.

Thea Brolund and Anders Tychsen  

Diabetes ranks as one of the most controversial medical conditions affecting divers and has been the cause of heated debates worldwide for more than two decades.


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